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How to choose a perfect domain name

Are you thinking of starting a new website, or re-branding an existing business or blog? Do you want to join the worldwide webspace? This is where the domain name comes in. To make your business or blog visible online by having your website, you need a domain name and a web-hosting provider.

What is a domain name?

A domain name is a unique business identity on the worldwide Web. Your domain name makes your business stand out from your competitors.

Note, your domain name says as much about you, your business, or blog as your physical address. Therefore, be sure to select a perfect domain name that portrays your image.

How do I choose a perfect domain name?

Sometimes choosing a perfect domain name can be tricky. However, it does not have to, if you strategize your search. Let’s look at the factors to consider while choosing a domain name.

Key factors to consider while choosing a domain name

1. Simple and predictable

As Albert Einstein said,” Make everything as simple as possible, not simpler.” It is important to choose a domain name that is simple and predictable. By simple, it means a short domain name, memorable, easy to spell, and pronounce. Splendid examples of short domain names are,,, and shortened from among many others.

By predictable, it means a domain name that identifies your business or its initials are easily. An outstanding example is which represents the World Health Organization. Someone can easily predict that the domain name belongs to the World Health Organization.

2. Choose one or more keywords that represent your website

One of the smartest ways to choose a domain name is by including one or more keywords that represent your website. By doing so, your audience can relate your website to a particular brand. , for example, strikes a wonderful balance between short, predictable, catchy, unique, and keyword optimized. For instance, is someone is searching for hosting providers, the word host will appear in searches and therefore there is an excellent possibility of ranking higher on search engines. Another example is From the domain name, one can tell that this is an SEO related website.

3. Choose a brand-able name

In the previous point, I mentioned about finding a domain name that is keyword related. However, it is not cast on stone! We are all aware of how branding is crucial to the long-term success of the business, but what exactly do I mean by a brand-able domain name?

A brand-able name represents your business, it has no specific meaning, or any keywords incorporated in it (eg ‘Google’, ‘YouTube’, ‘. Comphomart , ’; they all do not have specific words or meaning, yet they sound trustworthy).

4. Avoid numbers and hyphens

Sometimes you want to include two names in your domain, and most probably, you would like to separate the two words using a hyphen or number for readability. That’s okay. However, hyphens and numbers are commonly used by spammers, therefore, leaving a poor impression on your website. Hyphens and numbers also lower the domain value to both users and the re-sale market. I therefore highly recommend a domain name without a number or hyphen.

5. Domain Age

What is a domain age?

Domain age refers to the period your domain has been active and accessible to the users.

Naturally, we perceive a domain that is several years old as more trustworthy than a newly registered domain name, and therefore it is likely to rank higher in the search results.


Note, your site’s success depends on your domain name among other factors like rich content, usability, speed, and authority. Therefore, choosing the right domain name is critical. Choose the domain name for your site carefully, if not sure or find it intimidating or time-consuming, use a domain name finder tool.

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